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Boldenone undecylenate (Equipose)


10 ampolas (250mg/ml)


Boldebolin (Boldenone / Equipoise) is an anabolic steroid that was originally developed for use in veterinary medicine. At first, researchers tried to get methandrostenolone with a longer duration of action. But in the end they got a drug with completely different properties.

Effects of Boldebolin

Structurally, boldebolin (boldenone undecylenate) is very similar to methandrostenolone. However, its effect is very different from methane. Few people know that in fact, equipoise is an injectable version of methane. The only difference is that some changes were carried out in the chemical structure, the methyl group which underlies the methandienone, it is absent in boldenone.

Boldenone works continuously but slowly, gradually building up muscle mass and strength. Due to the low level of water retention (unlike methane), the muscles are of better quality, dry and strong, while the gained weight is maintained for a long time. Undecylenate is a fat-soluble ester, which allows the active substance to act much longer. With reasonable use, the compound does not aromatize, and the likelihood of gynecomastia is very low. Like other speakers, the cycle of boldenone increases protein synthesis and nitrogen accumulation in muscle tissue. It is also able to increase the number of red blood cells, which improves the supply of oxygen to muscle fibers. Actively increases the appetite, which is positively reflected in the cycles on the mass and negatively during the drying period.

Correct Dosage for Boldebolin

The optimal dosage of boldenone is for beginners – 200-400 mg per week (for experienced ones – 600-1000mg). Smaller dosages are ineffective due to the large weight of the ballast essential “tail”, a large dosage does not lead to better results, but the risk of side effects increases.

The cycle of boldenone lasts 8-10 weeks.

Side Effects of Boldebolin

Low androgenic activity allows women to use Boldenone. Virilization phenomena occur quite rarely compared to other drugs. Boldenone is one of the few injectables that can be used in female bodybuilding with the lowest risk of side effects. The same double bond provides Boldenone a resistance to the enzyme 5-alpha reductase. This enzyme converts a small amount of boldenone to dihydroboldenone, which is a powerful androgen (7 times more powerful than testosterone). Therefore, the drug practically does not cause such androgenic side effects as baldness, acne, prostate hypertrophy, etc., and also to a lesser extent suppresses testosterone production in the body.

Quick Overview: Substância: Boldenone undecylenate (Equipose)
Pacote: 10 ampolas (250mg/ml)
Fabricante: Alpha Pharma

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